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The ROM Clinic provides up-to-date news involving stem cells, general orthopedics and the treatments we offer in regenerative medicine. We want our patients to have the opportunity to educated themselves with the latest developments in medicine, so they can be more confident in taking the next step towards treatment. If you'd like to talk to one of our doctors about how The ROM Clinic could change your life with regenerative medicine, please give our office a call at (650) 343-3260.

May 2018

Biologists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that fasting dramatically improves stem cells' ability to regenerate.

April 2018

Doctors from the University of Illinois at Chicago have cured seven adult patients of sickle cell disease using stem cells from donors previously thought to be incompatible.

A review of research on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) finds that donor age does not appear to influence their functionality.

Researchers from the University and University Hospital of Basel report that stable joint cartilage can be produced from adult stem cells originating from bone marrow.

March 2018

Dr. Russ Riggs discusses how PRP and stem cell therapy options are becoming more available for civilians and not just professional athletes (article + podcast).

The FDA plans to expedite the development of stem cell therapies proved to be safe and effective.

Researchers have found immortality in stem cell cultures to be of great interest for aging research.

February 2018

Scientists at the University of York show that sugar chains on the surface of stem cells could help promote bone growth.

Scientists discover clues to aging found in the genomes of the stem cells.

Janaury 2018

Researchers create first stem cells using CRISPR genome activation.

December 2017

Two small Stem Cell companies hone in on possibilities for treating heart diseases.

November 2017

Dr. Luga Podesta shares his opinion on how Blake Griffin and other athletes are using PRP with great success.

Earlier in 2017

Researchers share the potential of mesenchymal stem cells in osteoarthritis treatment, the most common form of joint disorder.

Insight into the relationship between Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and skeletal diseases.

Researchers sharing the progress on stem cell-based therapeutic approaches for tendon repair.

PRP success in patients with tennis elbow.

Stem cells and the biology of rotator cuff healing.

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